The 5 Best Dog Bowls of 2020

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We have compiled a set of what we consider to be the best dog bowls available out there, base on design and health benefits.

With so many options, it’s daunting to find the right one. However, it’s important to dedicate some time into this, because choosing the right size, shape, and model is crucial for your dog’s overall health. That’s why we’ve compiled what we consider to be the best dog bowls into a short but helpful list to assist you in the process.

#1 best ceramic dog bowl

This ceramic dog bowl with stand is super elegant and functional. Its modern design and marble texture will completely blend in with decoration in your home or kitchen. One of the cool features is that the bamboo stand prevents bowls from sliding while your pet eats.

best ceramic dog bowls
available on Amazon

The advantage of ceramic dog bowls is that they are available on a wide variety of colors and styles. Design freaks like me go crazy over this trend. This one style, for example, has double support and got a stunning greenish color. There is nothing more elegant than this.

#2 best slow feeder dog bowl

best slow feeder
available on Amazon

This is the perfect dog bowl for slow feeding. If your dog is of those who love their food, you should try a slow feeder, as it can improve your dog digestive system. It works pretty well with dry dog food, as well as wet, nevertheless, it can get a bit complicated to clean it up.

#3 best tilted-angle dog bowl

best tilted dog bowls
available on Amazon

This tilted-angle dog bowl is perfect for very small dogs, as it is not very high. It can reach only about 1.97″ (5 cm). However, this is already enough to release the neck stress of breeds such as Pugs and French Bulldogs. Besides that, the elevated platform helps improve the dog’s posture while eating, and therefore, digestion.

#4 best raised-tilted-angle dog bowl

best raised and tilted dog bowls
available on Amazon

With 4 adjustable height, this elevated dog bowl can reach 5.3″ (13,5 cm), making it perfect for small and medium dogs from different stages of childhood to adulthood. The tilted angle allows your dog to build a correct eating posture, thus minimizing the chances of developing joint problems.

best raised and tilted dog bowls
available on Amazon

If your dog is medium to large size, you should try this other option. It can reach 10.2″ (25,9 cm) high. This option specifically is made out of stainless steel, which is great as well. Both 1st and 2nd elevated dog bowls suggested are made out of bamboo and have a non-slip technology.

#5 best dog bowl with mat

best dog bowls with mat
available on Amazon

If your dog is the type that spills all their food, this can be a suitable option. The mat serves both sides. While it protects your floor from water and food, the food on the mat remains cleans, in case your dog wants to continue eating later.

So, which one do you think it’s better for your pet?

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