Learn the Fox Eye Makeup Look Trend

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One more hot trend 2020 has brought to us. Learn how to achieve this super hot eye make up and enjoy success.

Today we are going to talk about the latest trend in the makeup world: the fox eye makeup look.

It’s actually a very simple technique that will add freshness to any look. Inspired by the beautiful, upturned eyes of the animal it’s named after, this eyeliner style creates a sexy, elongated look.

This new trend has gotten so many fans so fast because our top muses Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez, that really did it right this time.

There are thousands of ways to create a look using both surgical and non-surgical techniques. Of course, we are going to stick with the non-surgical ones, because, as you know, trends come and go, so what may look cool today, may not be as cool tomorrow.

So, let’s try to learn it before you start thinking about surgery. You just need a little bit of eyeliner and some mascara to give yourself a fox gaze.

Step-by-Sep Instructions

1 – Start by applying a light shade across the movable eyelid
2 – Stick a piece of tape on the outer corner of the eye towards the eyebrows. In order to assist in the pull of the outline that will lift your eyes.
3 – Draw an outline (can be black, brown, or colored and can be done with eyeliner or eyeliner)
4 – Smudge the outline with a brush
5 – Smoke the shadow in the outer corner, close to the root of the lower lashes
6 – Finally, finish with an eyelash mask

The Benefits of The Fox Eye Trend

  • time saving

The cool thing about this trend, compared to 2018 and 2019 eye make trends is that it gets 10x faster to get ready. I think this has much to do with the practicality the Gen Z.

  • money saving

You won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup brushes, shadows, and so on. A couple of products are already enough to achieve the fox eye look.

  • more natural

This makeup can be worn on a daily basis, as it is very discrete. You don’t have to wait for that special occasion to rock a cool look.

Fox Eye Variations

the heavy

As you can all see, this is a very heavy look, perfect for girls with blue or green eyes. Brown-eyed girls, in my opinion, should stay away from this, or wear light brown contacts.

fox eye
credits: @juliaadamsmua // instagram

the lash

One other interesting way to achieve the fox eye effect if by getting some lash work. This can be done by yourself using mascara or by a specialized lash artist, who will elongate your lashes the right way to simulate the fox eye. This is a good strategy, as it will last for a month or two and you will be less dependent on makeup. Plus, depending on your eye format, it might be the final element to get the fox eye. Try everything before thinking of surgery.

fox eye
credits: @beautybyzoe13 // instagram

the minimalist

This is one the easiest style. You just need an eyeliner and mascara. The key here is to keep testing until you find the best angle for the line.

Let us know in the comments what has worked for you.

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Learn the Fox Eye Makeup Look Trend

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