How to Find the Best Indestructible Dog Beds

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Tired of spending money testing each of those so-called indestructible dog beds and not getting any result? See what has worked for me.

The rise in dogs developing bad chewing habits has led producers to invest more and more time into designing indestructible dog beds.

However it’s not always easy to find the perfect one.

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are one of those dog owners who had been through some difficult times regarding your dog’s chewing habit. You might have lost count of how many dollars you have spent in dog beds in the past few months.

Besides the financial side, there nothing more frustrating than waking up to a house looking like it has snowed inside. You ask yourself what you have done to deserve it.

Before jumping into the best options available. Let’s try to understand how the mind of a dog works.


One of the coolest things about animals is their ability to entertain us with their unexpected decisions on performing a certain expected behavior.

I sometimes think about the reasons that led my dog to perform some particular move. Why did he decide to sit looking like some Egyptian sphinx? Why did he decide to lie on the floor looking like a horse? Why did he decide to go left instead of going right? Based on what?

Maybe he had an stimulus for all that. Maybe not.

With chewing beds might be the exact same thing.

According to animal psychology studies, chewing is registered in dogs and other animals of the same species and is considered normal and within the expected standard. There is no single cause to determine a dog’s behavior. Sometimes, stress, lack of or incorrect feeding, anxiety, loneliness, and no distraction can occur for your dog, especially if it lives a sedentary life. Sometimes it’s nothing.


It’s totally possible to mold you dogs behavior, but it will take a lot of work, since you got to start trying new things.

For example, my dog only stopped chewing his bed after I took some actions. Let’s see.

I got him a big, thick, and dense foam bed. By observing my dog I could realize that any crunchy noise would disturb my dog’s good sleep, so the bed had to be as dense as possible.

Then, I found the gold pot when I placed it on the proper spot. After trying different locations, I found out my dog could only sleep through the night when his bed got placed in an independent, dark, ventilated, but a protected spot of my house.

Because I always gave my dog free access to my room during the night, I could monitor very well his moves. Before performing the two changes above, my dog would visit me every night. Since then, I haven’t noticed any nocturnal visit. Some may say it’s because he got older, but not, these changes happened in a matter of days. A dog can’t get that old in a few days.

So, maybe, you got to provide new conditions in order to new attitudes to materialize.


There are basically 2 major types out there.


This is the most traditional type of dog bed. It is offered in many different shapes and qualities. Recently the so-called “memory foam dog bed” has dominated the market, as it is orthopedic and cozy at the same time. It is also more durable than the regular foams, as the usual 18-hour sleep of dog won’t deform the foam. The consistency will always remain firm. Another feature of this type of foam is that it usually is non-toxic, antipyretic, antifungal, antiallergic, and so on. What you really have to watch out it for beds made out of stuffing used to fill teddy bears. This is really bad for your dog posture.


This is a relatively new bed style that has emerged over the past few years. I am not a huge fam, but I guess it serves the purpose of offering a soft surface for the dog while reducing the chances of major destruction. These high-model beds are suitable for dogs that stay alone in the house for long periods of time. If you think your dog will get himself adapted to it without problems, you should go for it.


There are important factors to consider at the time of purchase, but it is also a matter of taste and experiences already lived.


You must be true about your dog’s size and buy a bed that is large enough for him. I recommend always getting a bed at least 1 size bigger than what you think is appropriate, as dogs like to sleep sideways, like a horse. So, getting an exact size bed might cause your dog’s head to fall into the floor. As dogs like to sleep in a comfortable, relaxed position, I also wouldn’t recommend buying beds with edges. Although cute, they limit your dog’s sleeping positions.


This is one of the most important aspects of choosing a dog bed. The bed must have a washable cover. By washable I mean not only the bed’s cover to be made out of a washing machine resistant material but the patter must have been designed in a way it allows us to easily put in and out the cover. Watch out for those beds 2 in 1, that is, beds with no zippered covers. It will make it impossible for you to wash. I recommend you wash your dog’s bed at least twice a month, with neutral soap. Keeping a fresh and clean bed for your pet is mandatory to guarantee it a good night of sleep.


Everyone forgets about this, but this is super necessary in order to facilitate the washing process. You don’t want to throw a hairy piece of fabric inside your washing machine. It would be disgusting. Especially if you have a hairy dog, you should totally check the fabric to see if the hair will get stuck inside the fabric pores, making it hard to vacuum. Because you will have to vacuum your dog’s bed at least once a week, you really have to pay attention to this item in order to make your life easier.


Ideally, the foam should be wrapped with a zippered non-crunchy waterproof layer, in order to protect and preserve it for longer periods. And I am saying that because you know that wet foam is an invitation for fungi and bacteria growth. If you are lucky enough to have a bed with this second layer protection, you should always remember to wash it as well. However, most dogs bead unfortunately don’t come with this middle layer. In these cases, you must assure the external layer also meet the waterproof criteria.


Dogs get distracted very easily, so anything that detached from the major bed structure, such as a zipper or even a simple tag, can possibly be an excuse for him to start implicating. I know brands have this need to make their names stand out, but, come on! It’s a dog bed. If you want your brand to show so bad, then, please, producers, embroider or silkscreen it. The same goes for the zipper. It should be, first of all, a high-quality hidden zipper. It can’t be a normal, cheap, dangling zipper. Second, it mush be covered with a tight layer of fabric.


Honestly speaking, there’s no material resistant enough to support constant dog chewing. There’s nothing more powerful than a dog’s chew. However, you should try your best and always look for dense heavy fabric, with smaller pores as possible, to make it harder for your dog’s teeth to penetrate the fabric fibers. It should also be resistant to dog nails. Speaking of the foam, it should be non-toxic and as hight and as firm as a human mattress, not only to protect your dog posture, but also to resemble it to a sofa. This way, your dog would even think of sleeping somewhere else. These tips have worked with my dog, a pinscher Belgian malinois crossbreed.


If the manufacturer doesn’t offer at least a 1-month guarantee, you should raise a big red flag. Not offering a guarantee is a huge clue that the product is of poor quality. Also, check all the refund details, to make sure your claim will be legit once the product fails to meet your needs. One more thing you can do is to check if the product has passed recognized resistance tests.


Luckily, many companies have invested in searching for a solution to put an end to this problem. If we type on Amazon “indestructible dog beds” we will get a large selection of many producers claiming their bed to be the indestructible dog bed in the market.

Searching the market for options with these features is not a very easy task, as it requires time and willingness to browse many manufacturers’ websites to find the best indestructible dog bed.

I haven’t tested it all, but I have selected a few models that seem to fit all the requirements I stated above.

#1 THE DOG’s BED – 4,5 out of 5 stars (+1,800 ratings)

The Dog’s Bed is one of the options available on Amazon that would fit most of my requirements.

Indestructible Dog Bed Model 1

#2 BARKBOX DOG BED – 4,5 out of 5 stars (+6,800 ratings)

Barkbox Dog Bed is super well rated.

#3 BEDSURE DOG BED – 4,5 out of 5 stars (+200 ratings)

Bedsure Dog Bed is also a very good option.

Indestructible Dog Bed Model 3


Of course, finding the perfect indestructible dog bed that will magically make your dog to stop its chewing behavior is almost impossible. You shouldn’t think that way, otherwise you will get frustrated.

As we said, the dog’s behavior is a sum of multiple stimulus, shaped by many other variables such as the environment, the owner’s characteristics, time of attention received and so on.

Finding a good dog bed is just a part of the changing habit process, that should be taken as seriously as others initiatives.

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