Best Face Wash to Use With Retinoic Acid

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If you are starting out with your retinoid treatment, make sure you got the right face wash to use with retinoic acid or retinol.

Let me go straight into this: you gotta find a specific face wash to use with retinoic acid. If you don’t care about this, you will suffer the consequences soon.

The thing is, retinoid molecules are extremely powerful when it comes to doing its job – especially the retinoic acid. So, if you choose a face wash that contains ingredients that don’t go well with the retinoid molecules, you are at risk. It can cause major damage to your skin.

So, let’s just dig into the retinoid world to better understand what other products we can put in our face while under retinoid skin treatment.


Exactly. They sound alike, but they are not the same.

Retinoids are a huge family of compounds derived from vitamin A. There are many options of retinoids available from over-the-counter to prescription strength.

Because not all retinoids are the same, we should totally do some research before spending our dollars.

The retinoids that interest us here in our discussion are Retinol and Retinoic Acid.


Over-the-counter (OTC) retinoids are also called Retinol. You can freely find and buy Retinol at any premium pharmacy or online, without any prescription. This is good because you can start your treatment ASAP.

However, Retinol is super expensive and not as strong as Retinoic Acid. If you get the chance to visit a doctor, do it and get a Retinoic Acid.

If you have to stick with Retinol, specialists say SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 is just the best retinol available out there. And mostly because it is the strongest retinoid over the counter (OTC) you can possibly find.

Be really careful with counterfeit SkinCeuticals products, especially when purchasing online. You can only find authentic SkinCeuticals products in authorized retailers, such as:


This is what I have started using since the beginning of this year by the recommendation of my dermatologist. It’s much cheaper than most Retinols.

Retinoic Acid is also called Tretinoin. The most famous retinoic acid/tretinoin brand is Retin-A.

In 3 nights you will start seeing your check and laterals peeling. Don’t panic: your skin won’t be thickening. Quite the contrary. That’s the retinoic acid effect: you will start producing more collagen and form new stronger skin while getting rid of the older skin.

I personally use the 0,05% version, which is perfect for my skin type and needs. In some countries, you can get it without a prescription. However, I always recommend visiting a doctor first.


#1 Vichy Pureté Thermale Cleansing Foam 150ml

This is definitely the winner. It perfectly cleans your skin without leaving it dry. Because its formula doesn’t contain Salicylic Acid, you can use it without any worries. Salicylic Acid shouldn’t be combined with any kind of Retinoid skin treatment.

Besides leaving skin feeling soft and fresh, without tightness, I love it because the pump mechanism allows me to save you so much product. Half of a pump already provides enough foam to clean both face and neck.

However, it’s almost impossible to buy it from a reliable America-based reseller. My recommendation here is to plan ahead and buy it from a reputable UK-based reseller like Escentual for less than 30 U$, all included.

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