This Is Definitely the Best Airfryer Ever

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I will tell you everything about my Philips Premium Digital Airfryer XXL, which I consider to be the best airfryer ever. Check it out!

In this post, I will explain to you how an airfryer works and give you an honest review of the Philips Premium Digital Airfryer XXL I own at home. Like me, I am sure you will be able to reduce your deep frying cooking by 90%, at least. Let’s get healthier together.

I have seen many people afraid of getting an airfryer. People are often unsure of the benefits it can bring into its life and of its functionality.

Well, if you don’t want to waste more time, come with me! Instead of keep wondering how is it possible to food get perfectly fried without using oil, it’s time to take action.

I will tell you everything I know about my Philips Premium Digital Airfryer XXL to help you decide now and save your health as soon as possible.

Healthy is the new black.

Being healthy has become a trend in the last few decades, thanks to the increasing access to information and the rise of social media influencers.

Although many people might see it as a bad thing, as it affects some people’s self-esteem, no doubt being more consciousness about our health has brought us benefits.

It’s becoming more normal to watch mothers introducing their kids in an early age to whole grain bread, rather than feeding them for year with unhealthy white bread. For our 30-yer old generation, this would be a choice we only would made when we were in our 20s or so.

To meet this increasing and new demands due to a healthier life style, brands in general have, in turn, been investing more and more into researching and launching new innovative business. This is a phenomenon happening across all industries. You can see it everywhere: there are gyms offering new activities, new restaurants categories, and so on.

However, it can be hard sometimes for very traditional families to abandon some (good) old habits, such as eating a homemade basket of deep fried French fries and chicken wings.

Till few years ago, it would be hard to find a healthy and good substitute to this dish People would have to resort to the kitchen oven in order to prepare food in a healthier way. This would take an hour long and not get as appetizing as it would if made by frying it. Not to mention the high electric or gas bills, depending on your oven type.

Airfryer, the solution.

Thankfully, we are in 2020 and the advances in technology have allowed companies to develop many kitchen utilities to help us a healthier life style.

A company that has dedicated a huge amount of time into this was Philips. They popularized the airfryer technology in the 2010 and completely revolutionized the way people prepared fried food. Now it’s completely possible to fry food without using oil. With no time, you will see no more oil bottles in your dispenser and will save money – and your health – in the long run.

Like it has happened to myself, it’s been at least 5 years since I bought my last oil bottle.

I believe that in a world fulfilled with ready-made frozen food, we should totally try to substitute as much unhealthy food and habits with healthier one. It’s a true ants’ work, but at the end, your health will certainly thank you. That’s why I think you should totally give a try and get an airfryer.

What is and how does an airfryer work?

Is hard to believe how many people still don’t know what is an airfryer. Airfryer is a kitchen medium sized countertop appliance that will fry food with using oil and without the hassle of dealing with fat splashing and oil disposal.

Phillips was the one who, in 2010, popularized this appliance, by introducting its patent rapid air technology.

This technology is all about a fan placed on top of a radiant heat, which forces it to circulate in a upstream cycle, leaving no idle air, like it would commonly happen with our conventional oven. This, combined with the starfish shaped pan bottom, get the heat to evenly and intensly pass over the food.

This, simulates exactly the role oil plays when we deep fry food, with the benefit of not adding extra fat to your food. Besides that, excess fat is drained, which contributes to a healthier and more nutricious meal.

How to use an airfryer.

Airfryers work well on pretty much everything, but our top favorites recipes include foods that naturally contains some fat.

chicken wings

After seasoning the chicken wings with lemon, oregano, salt or your usual seasoning, just put it in the frying basket. Set the time initially for approximately 10 minutes and check. If cooked enough, flip it and wait 10 more minutes or a little longer so that the crispness and the golden are the same. You will be surprised. That crispness you obtain when deep-fry chicken wings will also be achieved when you use a first-class airfryer. Your chicken wings will be cooked on the inside and crispy on the outside, with an unbelievable golden aspect.

french fries

Many people think it’s only possible to fry frozen fries on airfryers. That is not true. It also works with fresh natural potatos. You just have to slice it however you have, spread one tiny drip of olive oil on it, put it into the basket and voilá. You will get those crispy, fat-less fries you love. It is very simple, fast and safe. You will not even believe that you did not use oil to prepare it. It is healthy, nutritious and super tasty.


That greasy, caloric burger that you used to eat will be a distant reality from your life, from the moment you start using an airfryer. Just put your home made or frozen hamburger on the baskets and you are ready to go. You will be able to eat your burger with any guilt, and with the same pleasure as always. The taste will remain the same and even better, as the meat’s tenderness, juiciness, and nutrients will be kept in its interior.


Sausages are great for airfryers as they have lot of natural fat. If you are a fan of fried sausages you won’t believe me. They will taste even better when made on a first-class airfryer than on a frying pan or in the grill. Besides that, it will be much healthier, as you will notice that much of the fat will be eliminated in the frying process. After placing the sausage in the basket and regulating the time and temperature, just wait about 12 minutes.

The best airfryer.

As you might know there are many types available in the market. Many people ask me which airfryer is the best one. As an honest recommendation, I will talk about the airfryer I have at home. So, for me, the Philips Premium Digital Airfryer XXL with Fat Reduction Technology, HD9650/96 is definitely the best airfryer.

I use my airfryer almost everyday. I can’t remember the last time I have eaten fried food I made myself. Of course, whenever I go to a friend’s house or eat out I end up eating fried food. But at home, no.

I once had a cheaper airfryer from MONDIAL and honestly, I didn’t like it too much. I mean, it was a good airfryer, but not as good as Philips. It would take twice the time to prepare food and would not get the food crunchy enough. So, after this experience, whenever someone asks me who makes the best airfryer, I always answer Philips.

Characteristics of the Philips Premium Digital Airfryer XXL with Fat Reduction Technology, HD9650/96

1- digital panel

Philips Premium Digital Airfryer XXL’s digital panel makes it easy to operate. The choice of temperature and time are defined by the user himself when using the fryer. The user is able to make the necessary adjustment according to the food to be prepared.

2- size

Another important detail that Philips was concerned with was the size of the fryer. This new version is 20% small if compared to the previous one, while maintaining the same 1.8ilb of capacity. This change was thought precisely for the product in question to suit any kitchen counter. The space issue was solved intelligently without affecting the design and capacity of the Philips airfryer.

3- effortless cleaning

The Philips fryer includes a cleaning basket with removable non-stick mesh, which means that cleaning is effortless, quick, and efficient. The best news here is that it’S perfectly fine to wash it in the dishwasher. I am sure this information will contribute to your decision of buying it.

4- safety

Safety when frying is a very important point when it comes to using the Philips fryer. Note that there is no absolute safety in the traditional frying mode, as there is a high risk of splashing grease and a little carelessness is enough for a very serious domestic accident to occur, especially considering that the oil temperature reaches 180 to 190 degrees for the frying of the food to take place.

5- speed

The Philips airfryer is faster and more efficient than others. This is so because Philips was the one who actually invested more in first developing the airfryer technology. And they have never stopped it. Every year they enhance its airfryers, just like Apple does with the iPhones.

The cons of airfryers.

Well, of course some foods might really need to be deep fried to keep its original texture. Spinach balls and Wiener Schnitzel, for example, will still require deep-frying. The point here is to migrate most of the dishes to airfrying, keeping deep frying to what is really essencial. This way you can minimize your expure to fats, keeping a healthier life style.


The Airfryer fryer is a kitchen appliance that is here to stay. After we know and learn to make the best of it, we will certainly never accept the possibility of being without your presence in our kitchen.

In addition to feeling an increase in your quality of food, you will realize considerable financial savings, as oil consumption will be reduced or even extinguished in the daily preparation of food. You can keep oil usage only to dish who really need it.

I am sure you won’t be able to live without an airfryer after enjoying a tasty fat free meal. Your airfryer will become your best friend and sooner or later you will catch yourself reviving your last night pizza piece on it.

As long as you get a first-class airfryer I am sure it will bring you much comfort and practicality when preparing your favorite dishes. You will be protected from any risk, obtaining a fried, tasty food and all this without using any drop of oil, which makes the airfryer fryer a great ally in your kitchen.

So, if you are still thinking “Should I buy an airfryer?”, my answer is yes, you totally should.

Let me know what you think about all this and share with me the benefits this awesome acquisition brought in to your life.

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