5 Random Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

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There are so many kitchen gadgets available out there nowadays, that it kinda gets hard to even think of what is worth buying. Let's find out!

For some people, having these kitchen gadgets may sound obvious, but I guarantee some have never thought of purchasing it.


Steam Pan

Undoubtedly this steam pot set from Rachel Ray is a must have for those of you who want to start having a healthy, balanced, and why not delicious, diet. You can cook many different things using a steam pan, but they are mainly used in the preparation of vegetables and fish. Try it with Tilapia. The softness you will achieve is just unique. Perfect.

The advantage of using a steam pan to prepare your vegetables is the fact that you get to keep all the vitamins and minerais concentrated in it, as well as maintain its original color. Boiling vegetables causes vitamins and minerals to dissipate in water.

This specific Rachel Ray steam pan is so large that allows you to cook many different types of food at once. In less than 15 minutes everything will be perfectly cooked.

As it is made of stainless material, it is very easy to clean it, since a simple water jet leaves it clean. It can also be washed in the dishwasher if you wish. As it is made of stainless steel, you will notice that your steam cooker will always look new, even if it is used daily. The price you will pay for this product is worth every penny and you will certainly not regret purchasing it. Quite the contrary, you will even tell everyone you know about it.

One good tip I give you when buying a stem pot set is to always look for one that has a handle protection. This is important to avoid hand burns.

For these reasons we highly recommend to purchase this item. This is one of the best kitchen gadgets in our opinion. We also recommend you using it daily. There’s nothing to lose!


Knife Sharpener Kitchen Gadget

Please don’t be one of those people that has dozens of knifes left in the drawer but can’t get a single one to cut the turkey. Instead of getting a new knife every time an old one stop working, get your self a knife sharpener. Wouldn’t it be smarter? Make yourself a favor. Pick your favorite knife, get a sharpener and empty those drawers today. It’s time for a new start.

Currently there are an infinite number of knife sharpener models available, each with its own particular characteristics. I find this Professional Electric Knife Sharpener by Presto is pretty spectacular, considering its price range.

It has a three-step sharpening system that will leave your knives with a wonderful cut, without any effort. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the first stage will repair and smooth the damaged blades before the second sharpening stage restore its V shape. The third compartment sharpens for clean polishing.

Correctly following this process will leave you with a very sharp set of knives, as if it had just been purchased. Therefore, it is an rewarding investment that will bring you a lot of satisfaction, as you will no longer need to struggle to cut anything. Cutting a chicken into pieces will become a quick, no mystery activity.

This is one of those kitchen gadgets everyone should have at home. Besides making your life easier, it is a matter of safety. As a matter of fact, the sharper a knife is, the safer it is to use. All chefs say that, as it lowers the changes of knife slipping towards your finger while cutting.


Garlic Chopper

Once you really learn how to use it, you will fall in love with this garlic chopper.

You can follow the chopping process, since the product is made out of a transparent material, and choose how chopped you actually want it. The more you roll, the more chopped it gets.

Its design resembles a two-wheeled cart. It is a very cool, futuristic and decorative product that fits any drawer of your kitchen cabinets. Everybody you know will get curious about it. It is also very easy to wash either manually or in the dishwasher.

Besides being cool, this also one of those kitchen gadgets that falls into the time effective category. It will chop garlic in a matter of seconds!

The biggest advantage of this product is that you will achieve a great result without having your hands smelling garlic.

The secret of using this tool, which is not mentioned by the manufacturer, is to use it over a wooden surface, such as a cutting board, making sure the wheels are rolling properly. Certainly those who have not yet approved this product simply because they are using it incorrectly.

Another valuable tip is to gradually add the garlic, so that it is completely chopped. Then just open and remove all garlic from the container with a small knife and use it as you wish, preparing your meal with this natural, healthy condiment that will enhance the flavor of your dishes.

So, if you get this product and follow the tips we gave here, I am sure you will be 100% satisfied with it.


Splatter Shield Kitchen Gadget

If you enjoy frying food the traditional way, you should totally have this splatter shield from Beredo’s at home.

It’s time to say goodbye to grease burns. This product will successfully protect your skin, and most important, your eyes from any eventual splash of fat. Besides that, it will protect you stove and your kitchen floor.

The coolest thing about this product is that you can follow the process of frying the food without any worries.

Another advantage of it is that you will get your food to be actually fried, not cooked. This lid in not like the usual ones. It was completely designed to allow air to get into the frying process, what guarantees your food to be an authentically fried. No vapor will condense and fall back into your food.

The 13″ diameter guarantees this shield an universal use, meaning that you can use it with pretty much any pan within this limit. This product can be easily washed both manually and in the dishwasher.

This lid has a plastic handle to avoid hand burns, but if I were you, I would use the silicon handle on top of it to be even safer. The three ergonomic feet intends to protect the sink countertop and the stove from grease after the end of its use.

This kitchen gadget is super affordable and totally worth it for those who appreciate fried food.


Splatter Shield Kitchen Gadget

Not the usual potato masher, but certainly the easiest one to clean. It can be send to the dishwasher, right after a quick jet of water, no scrubbing needed.

There are many kitchen gadgets out there that cost a lot, you start thinking if it’s worth is or not. This potato masher, on the other hand, is so affordable, you should totally give it a try.

This potato masher should actually be called universal masher. It can be used to mash a wide variety of foods, such as carrots, yams, and so on. It is also perfect to space up ground beef.

Mashing any food using this kitchen gadget will become an easy activity. You will be able to effortlessly achieve the expected smoothness in a matter of minutes. All the moms out there will be thankful to this product, since it will cut its work in half. Preparing baby food won’t be too hard now.

Besides making the product very hygienic, its material allows you to use it on any kind of surface. You don’t have to worry about scratching your teflon pans.

As you can see, this product is very efficient and versatile, as it can be used to mash pretty much everything, without making a mess, serving different publics all at once.

So, what do you think? Let us know.

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